Latest Interswitch Jobs for Tax & Treasury Manager, June 2014

Interswitch Limited is an electronic transaction switching and payment processing company with a business footprint that covers the provision of shared, integrated message broker solutions for financial transactions, e-commerce, telecoms value-added services and e-billing in the Nigerian environment.

The company is an independent, private sector led, limited liability Company focused on facilitating the exchange of value between service providers (financial, telecommunications and utilities), merchants, their customers, & other stakeholders on a timely and continuous basis nationwide.

At Interswitch, we offer unique career opportunities for individuals capable of playing key roles and adding value in an innovative and fun environment.

Job Title: Tax & Treasury Manager

Job description

        Manage all 'heads of tax' for the group, optimizing the group effective tax rates for both direct and indirect taxes while ensuring compliance in all territories operated in.
        The group's current and projected cashflow is regularly and accurately reported and explained.
        Provision of timely and accurate decision support to the business with respect to Tax and Treasury input as applicable to commercial transactions, intra-group activities, acquisitions, business start-ups etc.
        Manage Treasury operations across the group ensuring that:
        Working capital requirements are clearly understood and effectively managed
        Optimal investment of excess cash (excess to working capital)
        All foreign exchange exposure are identified and managed

Operational responsibilities:

        Timely and accurate delivery/payment of all monthly tax returns/payments (PAYE, VAT, WHT and Income Tax etc.)
        Monthly reconciliation of all balance sheet tax accounts
        Monthly review of the group's financial results from a tax perspective and sign off that all tax matters are in order
        Maintain and circulate a monthly log of all open tax issues (with actions and timelines for closure)
        Maintain the group legal entity structure ensuring it is structured in an optimal manner (in conjunction with the group legal department)
        Advisor on dividend payments, banking arrangements, intra-group activities, CSR foundation, ePayments managed fund and other business matters.
        Ensure timely collection of withholding tax certificates
        Document and maintain appropriate policies for operating & managing all 'heads of tax'
        Manage transfer pricing across the group
        Prepare and file (working with external tax advisors) annual tax returns
        Manage all tax audits
        Continuously review developments/changes in tax policies ensuring that such information is effectively communicated and with appropriate actions taken
        Manage relationship with all relevant external advisors and regulators


        Day to day management of working capital
        Review of all bank reconciliations (at least monthly)
        Manage all banking relationships
        Preparation of detailed monthly cashflow report (with commentary), including both the current and projected positions
        Production of data for completion of risk management disclosures in the annual financial statements as it relates to FX risk, credit around receivables etc.
        Managing all bank charges, cost of financial instruments and interest rates in an optimal manner
        Ensure that group is fully complaint with all country regulations with regard to the flow of cross border funds
        Manage/optimize all intra-group funding, loan agreements etc.
        Advisor to the business on structuring commercial agreements, new products and services, business set-ups, M&A activity etc.
        Document and maintain appropriate policies for operating & managing all treasury related activities.
        Lead cashflow planning from a forecasting, budgeting and medium term planning perspective
        Regular review and oversight of the group's capital structure and dividend policy
        Working across the financial group to understand all matters relating to treasury management, including receivables, payables, fx, business performance, capex etc.
        Manage FX exposures across the group
        Optimal investment of excess cash (excess to working capital)
        Working with the settlement team, manage the set-up, overview and operations of all settlement accounts (both domestic and international)
        Working with supply chain to manage the importation of goods and services (Letters of credit etc.)
        Prepare and present a monthly treasury report

Strategic Responsibilities:

        Key contributor to business strategy, proactively advising from tax and treasury perspective.
        key contributor to continuous process improvement across the group, identifying, advising and implementing systems and process improvements.
        Proactive participation in initiatives such as roll-out of ERP and business intelligence tools, M&A activities etc.

Key Performance Indicators:

        Timely completion of tax returns
        Timely completion of relevant balance sheet reconciliations
        Reduction in outstanding WHT certificates of X.
        Design and delivery of agreed internal training programmes (tax and treasury matters).
        Delivery of budgeted cashflow and interest
        Timely and accurate cashflow, tax and treasury reporting
        Optimal FX management
        Delivery of agreed systems and process improvements
        Tax compliance
        Delivery of budgeted effective tax rates
        Internal customer feedback
        External customer feedback
        Full and effective implementation of transfer pricing across the group
        Effective implementation of ERP from a tax perspective

Education and Experience

        Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or
        related field
        Relevant accounting qualification, Tax and treasury qualifications
        Minimum of 6 years relevant experience


        All aspects of tax to a detailed level
        Detailed understanding of treasury
        Detailed understanding of accounting and business
        Strong appreciation of accounting, tax and treasury systems
        Very competent in financial modeling, analysis and reporting


        Manage and prioritize time
        Plan and organize and schedule work
        Team work and collaboration
        Innovation and creativity
        Problem analysis
        Performance management
        Strategic Perspective


        Excellent oral communication
        Excellent written communication
        Highly attentive to detail
        Ability to multi-task
        Ability to work well under pressure
        Adaptive to change
        Organizational awareness
        Customer orientation
        Industry knowledge
        Work planning
        Friendly and approachable

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