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 Transocean is the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, provides the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units to help clients find and develop oil and natural gas reserves. Building on more than 50 years of experience with the highest specification rigs, our approximately 18,000 employees are focused on safety and premier offshore drilling performance.

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Title: Toolpusher - Nigeria Nationals
Job ID: 2000802
Location: Lagos
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular

Job Description               


 Ensure that the Driller is provided each tour with the Standing Instructions to Driller (SID) that is relevant to the planned operations.

Monitor the maintenance, repair and installation of all drilling equipment including repair, lubrication, maintenance records, and inventory levels .

Maintain records of inspections and certification of drilling equipment, tools and tubular.

Ensure the mud mixing systems and solid control equipment are being monitored constantly and properly maintained.

Relieve the Driller at the Driller’s console as operational requirement demands.

Partake in the daily operations meeting with the OIM, Senior Toolpusher and other rig department heads.

Monitor the application of the Company Rig Maintenance System (RMS) for drilling department maintenance tasks.

Review and approve all drilling-related Permit to Work as the responsible person for the task.

Assist in planning the job activities of the drilling department and associated activities.

Ensure that well control requirements are in place according to operational requirements; assist in supervising well-killing operations in an emergency situation.

Perform all well control calculations (i.e. mud weight increase, initial and final circulating pressures, number of strokes, etc.),

Assist the Senior Toolpusher or OIM in coordinating the activities of third-party personnel responsible for various aspects of the well program and ensure that they understand Transocean policy and procedures related to the task and that they follow safety processes.

Prepare Requisition Purchase Orders for equipment or parts necessary to keep the drilling operation free of downtime. Assist in ensuring that sufficient stock of parts and materials are maintained.

Maintain proper communication with the Senior Toolpusher and OIM regarding the progress of drilling and associated operations.

Recommend adjustments to drilling parameters as necessary to improve the overall drilling operation’s performance.

Promote and maintain an effective working relationship with other departments, third-party personnel and Customer Representatives.

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Job Title: Chief Engineer - Nigeria National
Job ID: 2000811

Location: Lagos
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular

Job Description


Reports to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Maintenance Supervisor, or Senior Maintenance Supervisor


Supervises the Mechanical Supervisor, First Engineer, Electrical Supervisor, Chief Electrician, Electronics Supervisor, Chief Electronics Technician, Information Technology Supervisor, and Subsea Supervisors


- High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.

- Valid unlimited Chief Engineer License (Class 1 Motor above 3000kW)

- Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates

- Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit and basic computer skills


- Supervise and control the maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, electronics, subsea, and information technology equipment on the vessel

- Ensure that all subordinates have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill their assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner
Authority I
- Maintain control over the rig’s Rig Maintenance System (RMS) and associated computer database Authority II
- Plan the service and maintenance of equipment according to the RMS guidelines Authority I
- Ensure that reports for repair and maintenance of equipment are accurate and complete Authority I
- Carry out classification society surveys as part of continuous survey of machinery Authority I
- Liaise with the marine department regarding the loading, ordering and use of fuel, potable water, and drill water in consideration of the rig’s stability Authority II
- Ensure that the permit to work and isolation systems are strictly adhered to in the maintenance department Authority I
- Coordinate maintenance activities with the OIM and other department heads Authority II
- Inform the OIM and other department heads of any technical problems or limitations that might affect the safe operation of the rig
Maintain an adequate supply of spares in order to fulfill maintenance requirements and facilitate a safe and efficient operation Authority I
- Supply information for maintenance and repair budget Authority I
- Maintain proper communication with shore based Field Support group and rig management Authority II
- Liaise with the OIM to ensure that all third party equipment is fit for purpose, certified, correctly installed, and maintained while on the rig Authority II
- Implement the follow-up requirements to audits, as issued by Clients, Regulatory Authorities or rig management Authority II
- Approve maintenance department requisition purchase orders Authority I
- Supply rig management with maintenance statistics of the vessel Authority II
- Recommend ways of making improvements to the inventory kept on the rig Authority II
- Document any and all changes to the RMS system and provide reasons for making these changes to Rig Manager via direct supervisor Authority II
- Provide input in the Survey of the vessel and ways to reduce the out-of-service time of the vessel Authority I
- Exercise fiscal responsibility with regard to maintenance budget Authority I
- Train personnel on the use of the RMS system to reduce error in the system Authority II
- Communicate equipment problems or breakdown information via direct supervisor to Field Support Group Authority II

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