Latest Job Openings at MainOne


MainOne’s success is built on having talented and highly proficient people within their respective fields as the driving force behind our business

A job in MainOne is different from any other you have had. With joining MainOne you’ll be challenged, inspired and proud as you become a part of something big.

At MainOne, great ideas and thoughts find a way of becoming great products, services that turn to great customer experiences. We are perfectionists, idealists and pioneers of great products and services forever thinking of better.

We have corporate offices from Nigeria to Ghana to Portugal. International and home opportunities are available.

MainOne is a family. Join in and be a part of the change and the future that will bring about new ways the continent works and connects.

Job Openings
  1. Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  2. Account Manager
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Human Resource Officer
  5. Product Specialist
  6. Credit Control Officer
  7. IT Service Desk Manager
  8. Business Process Manager
  9. Business Process Analyst
  10. IP Operations Supervisor
  11. Legal Officer
  12. Facilities Operations Engineer

How to Apply

Follow link to apply:

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