Terrorists Captured in Bulanbuli Bornu State/Ammunition, IED’s & food stuff Recovered

 The capture of a number of terrorists believed to be the ringleaders of those operating around Alagarmo, has sparked off a major fight in the outskirts of Bulanbuli, Borno State last night. Over 40 terrorists died in the encounter while 4 soldiers lost their lives and 9 were wounded.

More than 16 rifles and a substantial number of assorted calibres of ammunitions, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) materials, SIM Cards and electronic items have so far been recovered.

Two of the terrorists were earlier arrested at a local market two days ago while trying to procure foodstuff while others were spying on the military base in the area. Others still being trailed include a terrorist medic who was on a mission to procure drugs for use by his colleagues.

Bulanbuli is between Alagarmo and Sambisa Forest where the terrorists have been attempting to establish a stronghold in their campaign.


Major General

Director Defence Information/Coordinator

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