In view of the current security and terrorist threats in parts of our country, especially the recent Nyanya bomb  blast, the Nigeria Police has repeatedly called on the citizens to stay vigilant and join hands with the security agencies in making Nigeria a safer place.

In line with the above, I wish to provide our readers with the following security tips which I believe will help in strengthening both personal and communal sense of safety.

    Know your neighbors: You must strive to know not only the person living in your house but in your surrounding environment. Find out their means of livelihood as every strange face must be probed.

    Owners of uncompleted building must clear them of undesirable elements such as vagabonds and hoodlums.

    Park owners, garage operators and operators of shopping malls must ensure that they thoroughly scan, search and take stock of all vehicles parked within and around the premises of such public places.

    Suspicious movements of unknown persons should be reported immediately to the nearest police formation.

    Draw the attention of the Police or security agencies to vehicles parked by unknown persons.

    Empty containers, gas cylinders, dustbins and other receptacles not in use must be properly disposed or kept away from the reach of unauthorized persons.
    Do not allow unknown persons to drop or abandon bags, boxes, fruit barrows or trolleys, articles of trade, cartons or any rapped or sealed containers around your premises.

    Always check your surroundings for any dangerous object.

    Avoid any bag or object kept by unknown person or persons.

    Be vigilant at public places as object such as bomb can be kept by unscrupulous persons.

    Make conscious effort to know and memorize important emergency phone numbers that can help you reach the police and other security agencies in times of emergency, including the newly released 112 (Emergency number). You could resort to the emergency phone numbers on this blog.

    In the unforeseen circumstances of a bomb blast, stay away from the blast scene. Avoid the temptation of rushing to the scene (except you work with any of the Security or Emergency Management Agencies). Remember, terrorists often detonate secondary explosions in order to harm innocent by-standers and on-lookers.

    Always report suspicious persons or movements within your neighborhood to the Police through available means of communication.

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