Business Analyst And Web Developer Job Vacancies in Warri

Job Title: Strategic Planning and Business Development Analyst

-Ability to track and assist with project management of strategic initiatives including driving cross-functional deliverables and timelines
-Bachelor/MBA degree in Finance, Economics, Statistics or a related field
-Financial budget and forecasting experience preferred
-Experience in FMCG would be fine.
-Financial and data analysis, with strong background and competency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; database experience a plus
-Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, attention to detail and interpersonal skills
-Ability to work independently with strong time management and ability to execute on multiple concurrent deliverables

Assesses and conducts market and industry studies, prepares reports, and gives advice on feasibility, cost effectiveness of long- and short-range strategic plans/initiatives, special projects, and ongoing programs to achieve the organization's growth and profitability objectives.

1. Facilitates strategic planning endeavors for clients including data gathering and analysis, research techniques, and presentation creation.
2. Organizes and analyzes data from internal and external sources, using statistical methods to ensure validity of results.
3. Monitors and conveys key market indicators to clients for the businesses' product lines and market segments.
4. Gathers supporting data including fleet forecasts and key opportunities/risks for existing business lines and merger and acquisition projects.
5. Financial modeling for merger and acquisition projects.
6. Evaluates information to determine feasibility of proposals or to identify alternative courses of action for review.
7. Develop communication methods to ensure dissemination of relevant market and product information across the organization.

Job Title: Web Designer


•Expert experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
•Expert working knowledge of Visual Studio
•Experience with Flash
•Closely follow trends and developments in technology and integrates them into our
•Creative execution with an on-line portfolio of design samples
•Expert experience with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript
•Experience with enterprise Content Management Systems required

You are a blend of web designer with strong graphics design creativity and front-end web development utilizing dynamic web programming experience.

Basic Responsibilities:

Create graphics, banners, landing pages, and web sites
•Create wireframes, rapid prototypes, user interfaces, and comp designs
•Design layout and templates for maximum usability and focus on user experience
•Create user interfaces, using front-end code in HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript to interface with backend code
•Use advanced CSS techniques in order to solve design issues
•Use the web content management system in order to edit/create pages, assist partner departments with adding/editing content in the CMS

•Implement cookie code for analytics and dynamic content purposes
•Perform usability tests on interface design to insure cross-browser compatibility
•Use Test and Target to serve up segmented content and for A/B and multivariate testing
•Give expert design advice on projects, make recommendations for improving web sites
•Work with web developers to apply style and user interface design to web applications

How to Apply
CVs to be sent to not later than the 1st of May, 201 with the appropriate heading.

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