Boko Haram: 15 Civilians Killed, Five Foldiers Injured in Maiduguri Suicide Bombings

Security source confirmed that at least 15 civilians died and five soldiers got injured after four suicide bombers ran their vehicles into soldiers at a major checkpoint along the Maiduguri-Biu highway.

This happend at Mulai village, along the Damboa-Maiduguri highway, at about 2p.m Tuesday, also left two of the soldiers dead and several other civilians seriously injured.

A senior security official, however told source that “it was a bad incident today; we recorded the dead of about 15 civilians, while five soldiers were seriously injured; and the two suicide bombers had died, while the other two who could not complete their wicked mission were also gunned down”, 

Some persons conversant with the Saharan terrain explained that the suicide bombers drove with flat tyres perhaps to enable them drive through the sandy plains that characterised areas like Sambisa without getting stuck.

Sources at the General Hospital Maiduguri, otherwise known as State Specialist Hospital, said several corpses were brought to the hospital in the afternoon of Tuesday shortly after residents heard the blasts.

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