Photos: Security Operatives Killed 207 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Maiduguri

 Nigerian security forces, and members of a local vigilante killed at least 207 Boko Haram militants who launched a daring attack on a military barracks and other neighbourhoods of Maiduguri, Borno State, the vigilante group, known as the civilian-JTF, said Friday. It was reported earlier that Gun Battle and Explosions as Boko Haram fight with Soldiers at Giwa Military Barracks (Read it Here)

Statement released by General Chris Olukolade in a press statement earlier yesterday states that:

 “Pockets of terrorists apparently in a move to boost their depleted stock of fighters this morning attacked a military location in Maiduguri with a view to freeing their colleagues who are being held in detention. The attack has been successfully repelled with heavy human casualty on the terrorists. Some of the victims of the terrorists’ fired in their efforts to break into the detention facility, included those they came to rescue. Many of the terrorists and their weapons have been captured. Four soldiers were wounded and are being treated. Hot pursuits by land and air operations are ongoing along with cordon and search of surrounding localities.”

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