Olamide: 'I don’t have a baby mama' Linda Ikeji

The rapper, Olamide, has denied reports on Linda Ikeji’s Blog and The Nigeria Entertainment Today’s, NET, website that he is expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend, Adebukunmi Suleiman.

Both sites had reported the news on Tuesday, with the NET adding that it was the rapper’s second child. According to the NET, Olamide, a few years back, fathered a child with Ms. Suleiman. However, Olamide, via Twitter, denied the report, calling out Ms. Ikeji.  “Lmfao Linda (Ikeji) done f*** up. I’m sorry sweetie,” he tweeted.

“@oLol really? Baby number 2 not number 10 ? Really? I’m a proud m***. I hustled my way to (the) top if (I had) a baby y’all gon (sic) know. Balu !!!”

He went on to refer to those promoting the false report, particularly Ms. Ikeji as “haters of destiny,” who fail to promote his songs and videos on their website but are quick to post fake news about him.

Ms. Ikeji soon posted his denial, noting that her failure to promote his songs and videos was because she had never received them. She also noted that she was a fan of his.

The NET, however, as at Tuesday evening had failed to put up a retraction.

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