Man Raped Own Daughter

Pedro Anegbe, a 42-year-old father, told Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court that he actually raped his own 15-year-old daughter. He confessed that a spirit asked him to rape her so that he will be able to  get a job.He said the voice ordered him to rape the girl shortly after he lost his job and was idle at home.

He said

    “I am actually living with my wife and three children. I have two girls and a boy. She is my first born. I have had sex with her just two times. The first was on January 27, 2014. But I cannot remember the date of the second one.”
    On how it all began, he said, “I did it because I thought it was God talking to me, but later I knew it was an evil spirit. The voice said I needed power. To get the power, the voice said I must damage some things.

    “I started destroying the clutch and brake of the vehicle I was given to drive. Then the voice told me I should stop delivering money to the owner of the vehicle after each day’s work. I stopped and I was sacked.
    “I became idle after I lost my job. The voice came again, saying I should have sex with my daughter or else I would not get another job. That was why I slept with her.”
     However, despite his admission, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape.He also told the court that he wanted his case tried at the High Court.The magistrate, Olanrewaju Olatunji said,
    “You have confessed that you raped your daughter, why then did you still say you were not guilty of the crime after the charge was read to you? Don’t you understand the charge or what is the problem?”
     “I am just forcing myself to talk, because the voice said I should not say anything,”

Source: Punch

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