L'Wren Scott Found Dead at 47: Did L'Wren Scott commits suicide ?

L'Wren Scott, fashion designer and girlfriend of Mick Jagger, has been found dead at age 47. Her assistant reportedly found her hanged in her NYC apartment. Police are currently investigating the situation. RIP

Scott's body was discovered in her Manhattan apartment around 10a.m. Monday

The former model was in serious debt and seemed to be growing increasingly stressed about her financial struggles.

MailOnline revealed the 49-year-old fashion designer was $6million in debt to her creditors when she died and was distraught and 'embarrassed' over her failing business.

 The tragic news was broken to Jagger at the upscale restaurant where he had turned up in a chauffeur-driven black limousine accompanied by another man in his thirties.

His face etched with grief, the Rolling Stones frontman looked utterly shocked Monday night as he left Coco's restaurant in Perth, Western Australia, where the band is scheduled to begin its first tour Down Under in eight years on Wednesday.
Mick Jagger just moments after hearing the news of girlfriend L'Wren Scott's death

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