Former BBA Housemate Pokello Nare has shared the Secret Behind her Beauty

Former Big Brother housemate Pokello Nare has shared the secret behind her beauty,

So kind of her, so many people hide the secret behind their beauty, but Pokelo decided to share hers with her fans on twitter

Below is her twits: ‏@pokellosexxy

All the girls who always ask about my hair and skin etc. I will sharing everything I use with y'all tomorrow. So it's a date!
The deal day, she twitted: Morning ladies. As promised today I'm sharing all my beauty secrets.

My daily Cleansing, yes I use both of them, morning and night! I cannot live without these 2.

This is the Texturiser that curls the Hair. I use it every 4 weeks . Lusters Pink Short Looks or the Male one,
 This is the range I use to wash and treat the hair. yes, I wash the hair every single day.
Once I wash the hair, I apply all these. starting with the Volumising Mousse, then e gel and lastly the styling spray

I cut the hair every 4 weeks. And I only cut the sides so the top is quite long now

Everyone wants to know this one. I apply La Mer on my face religiously. Just a little of it makes ur skin rich& glow
This is wat I'm Addicted too. I wash with Bath and Body works body washes and scrubs then apply the body butter/cream
I also use La Mer body creme but once every 10 days or if there is a special occasion. Not very frequently
The man who created it had bad burns but he was a fisherman and eventually he noticed the seaweed faded the burn marks

 I don't have stretch marks so can't say if it can but some stretch marks are under the skin so I don't know

lol anyone can use it?  Elikem uses it love so it won't bleach u

Flat tummy, honestly I don't exercise at all and Elikem complains bou it all the time that I'm lazy.But I hv just been lucky

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