Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd Job Vacancies for a Quality Assurance Manager & a National Environmental Manager

Job Reference     QAM/03/2014
Department     Quality & Sustainability
Job Details    

    Coordinate all quality, food safety and environmental activities.

     Develop and implement appropriate procedures in line with the Coca-Cola operating requirement and ISO standard to ensure products meet stipulated quality and food safety standards.

    Ensure that all generated waste are properly managed.

    Prepare financial budget to support actualization of goals, targets and plans set in the business plans.

    Attends plant’s monthly and weekly management reviews, other planning sessions and other business activities in order to achieve plants corporate objective.

    Ensure the general aesthetics and safety at workplace for product, personnel, manufacturing facility and equipment according to the food industry standards/specifications at all times by enforcing the implementation of cleaning and sanitation program (GMP), identification of critical control points (HACCP) and proffers measures to monitor and forestall any possible food safety issues that can adversely affect consumer health and company image.

    Quick response and resolution of consumer complaints .

    Identify the root cause of consumer complaint and develop appropriate corrective action.

    Ensures facility wastes (solids, liquid, gases) are discharged in line with procedures that conform to Company and Government (international, national and local) standards which guarantee environmental protection and promote corporate citizenry.

    Attends to government and regulatory agencies to ensure conformance to all statutory requirements. i.e. NAFDAC, SON, State and Federal Environmental Agencies, State Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Commerce – Weights and Measures Dept., etc.

Education level     B.Sc. Food Science/ Technology, Biochemistry or other related courses
Experience needed     5
Desired candidate profile     B.Sc. Food Science/ Technology, Biochemistry or other related courses with a minimum of 5 years cognate experience in a related industry. Good understanding of quality assurance processes, requirement and specification. Strong analytical skills. Good knowledge of physical and chemical properties of ingredients and materials. Good knowledge of data gathering and interpretation. Exceptional written, oral and presentation skills.
Job location    
Publish date     2014-03-26
Closing date     2014-04-10

Job Reference     NEM/03/2014
Functional areas     SUSTAINABILITY
Department     Quality & Sustainability
Job Details    
The position reports to the Head of Quality & Sustainability in Head Office.

This job involves activities such as strategic environmental planning, training of associates, liaising with plant and Head Office management teams as well as regulatory bodies, environmental consultants engaged by the company,  among others.
The job holder’s major responsibilities include;

The job holder monitors plants’ environmental activities through the analysis of the various environmental parameters – water, energy, solid waste. This analysis presents a clear picture of the plants’ status, based on which strategic environmental planning which culminates in improved environmental standing of the company is achieved, is initiated by the job holder. He/she monitors the performance of the Effluent Treatment Plants, to ensure efficient operation, resulting in the production of treated effluent that conforms to environmental standards.    The job holder liaises with Euromarket to ensure a very smooth operation of the Effluent Treatment Plants

Environmental Reporting
The job holder uses the reports as a tracking tool, ensuring that environmental issues brought out by the reports are promptly addressed to forestall any negative publication that might arise from such issues when enlarged, due to lack of adequate top management attention. By doing this, high corporate social responsibility is maintained by the company.

Regulatory Bodies:
The job holder liaises with environmental regulatory bodies to ensure good relationship. In doing this, full compliance with environmental regulatory statutes and laws is ensured. Regular meetings with top management of the bodies are arranged by the job holder to acquire first hand information on new developments and the expectations of the bodies. He/she communicates to the bodies environmental progress reports of the company, with the aim of scoring some very good environmental points in the books of the regulatory bodies.

Environmental Management
He/she plays a leadership role in the formalization of the environmental  targets and programmes. The job holder identifies existing skills gap among the plant environmental coordinators and ensures that these gaps are closed, by organizing relevant training programmes. He/she develops environmental tools for use to achieve good environmental practices.

He/she works directly with  Plants and Head office senior (top) management as well as top management of Environmental  Regulatory Bodies and Environmental Consultants. Thus, environmental issues are expressly discussed at the top management level and resolved without much protocol.

     Ensure plants operate in an environmentally friendly manner

·         Ensure cordial relationship exists between the company and State /Federal  Environmental Regulatory Bodies
·         Ensure all NBC plants are ISO 14001 certified.
·         Achieve environmental goals at the end of the year
·         Ensure plant personnel are well aware of the dos and don’ts in environmental matters.
·         Manage and coach subordinates in order to increase their capability and efficiency in carrying out their duties
·         Liaise with the plants  and Euro market to ensure that the ETPs are properly managed to deliver expected results   

He or She should be ready to travel to any of our plant locations at any time.
Education level     Bsc or HND in Microbiology or any science based discipline ,Masters degree and relevant profesional qualification will be an added advantage
Experience needed     7
Desired candidate profile     The minimum Qualification of the jobholder is B.Sc. or HND in Microbiology or any science based discipline. Masters Degree or Relevant Professional Qualification will be an added Advantage. Desired candidate should have at least 7 years cognizance experience in any related food industry. The jobholder must have people management skills and must be analytical to enable him or her to trouble shoot, analyze and execute his or her functions. He or she must have ability to create alliance by working effectively with other team members, maintain constructive alliances and manage risks intelligently and take responsibility for making well analyzed business decisions (thinking, ‘as an owner of the business) in order to achieve organization goals
Job location     Head Office
Publish date     2014-03-26
Closing date     2014-04-10

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