Beyonce and Barack Obama affair rumours

 Rumor has it that President Obama had an affair with Beyonce

Paparazzi photographer Pascal Rostain, who claims, according to a French tabloid, that the Washington Post will publish a report tomorrow (Tuesday) telling of a ‘serious relationship’ between American President Barak Obama and singer Beyonce? While the story sounds sensational and not to be believed, if it is published in the Post, it will most likely set off a whirlwind of press and rumors in American politics.

“Something big is about to happen”, said French photographer Rostain. “It has to be that something big is about to happen now in America”.

While the details and veracity of the entire story remain unclear, the French gossip website the ‘closer’ published the information this afternoon, claiming that a leading American newspaper, the Washington Post, will publish the story tomorrow morning.

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