Robert Marucci Can Return To School : 'I did porn to help out Mon'

An 18-year-old Florida student is set to return to class Wednesday after he says he was suspended when school officials learned of his pornographic online photos and videos. Read it here

Robert Marucci, a senior at Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida, said that he picked up his X-rated gig to help his mom pay the bills.

His mom, Melyssa Lieb, said when students discovered the explicit material online, her son became a target. "He was bullied, he was threatened."

Then, according to Lieb, her son was suspended, because the principal didn't approve of his after-school activities.

"I think that it is Dr. (Stephanie) Soliven's morals and her personal beliefs and I don't think that this is anybody's business except for my son's. The children at the school found (the porn), and she didn't do anything to stop it."

According to WPLG, Lieb said the principal told her, "He was expelled due to his explicit lifestyle career."

After a four-day suspension, school administrators cleared Marucci of any suspicion Monday, and he will be allowed to return to school Wednesday, according to Irwin. Irwin also said that she wasn't aware of any bullying of Marucci and that the student never filed any formal bullying complaints.
Source: CNN

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