Photos: Conoil Tanker Explosion Killed Three in Gusau, Zamfara State Early this Morning

 There was pandemonium  in Gusau, Zamfara State early this morning as a petrol tanker exploded along Igala Quarters by-pass  instantly killing three people.  

The tanker which belong to Conoil was negotiating a sharp bend opposite NNPC mega station when it skidded off the road and somersaulted several times before exploding into a huge fireball .

An eyewitness said that the driver and two other occupants of the tanker were killed instantly in the inferno.  "The tanker loaded with petrol was on high speed and fell at this corner and went up in flames immediately . The driver lost control of the vehicle because of the high speed”, said the eyewitness.

Fire fighters were seen on the scene of the incident battling  to put off the fire as time of this report  .  Many residents earlier believed it was a bomb attack when a huge smoke billowed the sky.

source saharareporters

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