Photo: First Bank Uyo Shut Down As A Result Of Juju at the Entrance of the Banking Hall

There are reports from Akwa Ibom State that the Plaza branch of First Bank Nigeria PLC, Uyo is currently under a traditional injunction placed at the entrance of the banking hall by unknown persons.

The building which is allegedly owned by Joesco Group of Companies, Uyo, is located at the heart of the town and is widely regarded as the most patronized and busy bank in Akwa Ibom State.

Whoever gave the traditional injunction is still unknown but there are insinuations that maybe there's a problem between the owners of the property and the bank or an aggrieved customer/staff of the bank versus the branch's management.

Customers were seen in large numbers rushing in to cash on the ATM machine as a precautionary measure to avoid being financially incapacitated as the week begins, while some are uncertain whether or not the bank will open tomorrow for business following the ugly incidence.

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