Beverly Osu's Interview with Hip Hop World

Beverly Osu is not happy with Nigerians at all. First she said the media made her relationship with Angelo break, because they kept linking her with other guys. She also spoke about the picture she used on her Christmas card and how Nigerians insulted her because of it. She said, they were insulting their forefathers thinking they were insulting She was interview by Hip Hop World. Read the interview below

What is your relationship with Bimp?

We are close, everybody knows this right from the house. People think we are dating because he is always in Nigeria but we are good friends. Can’t I have a friend that is a boy?

What’s up with you and Angelo now?

We have broken up. Is it not Nigerians that caused it?

How did Nigerians cause it?

Today, one paper will say Beverly is with this man, tomorrow another paper will say another thing, I don’t know.

You and your friend/former manager Charity Owoh reportedly fought over Bimp, how true? We are good; there is no issue between us. Yes, she was my manager but it’s just that we were mixing business with pleasure so I had to get another manager who is level headed and would take things serious that’s all. I’m hardly around so we don’t see each other most of the time.

How would you react to the criticism that trailed the sexual picture you used on your Christmas card?

Apparently, that picture was taken two years ago. I had deleted it from my page but later put it back on my own Instagram page, and people started insulting their forefathers thinking that they are insulting me and I was just laughing. Are they the ones that paid for my photo shoot?  Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas and that is why own way so I don’t understand how my own will be affecting someone’s soul. Anyway let them continue talking.

A video vixen (Vanetta Akpofure) named you the worse dressed celebrity, do you agree?

Now I want to talk about that issue. Two days after the Big Brother Africa show, I had not stepped out from where MNET kept me because I had a bad leg and was taking treatment for it and when I came back I heard about the  comment and I’m wondering where she saw me. Did she see me in her dreams? If it’s paining her she should buy me a fine dress since she is the best dressed celebrity.

And here is what Bimp who was with her during the interview said. Bimp thinks they could still date, how thoughtful. His words;

Are you dating Beverly?

Bev and I are really close. To be with someone you see 24 hours a day in a house for three months and not getting to know the person better is not easy. You’ll realise that you will have a bond different from the friends you have out there. So we are close, I know a lot of people are speculating about us dating but we are really close.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No, not right now. I did have a girlfriend, I stayed true to her and Africa knows. But when I got back home, I discovered some things about her and she was cheating while I was away. So we had to end it.

Would anything happen between you and Beverly?

Hopefully, you never know. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Now that my relationship has ended, we’ll see. But for now, we are close, more like family.

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