Video: Fan kills self after Manchester united loss

A Manchester united fan John Jimmy Macharia has taken the term literally, jumping to his death after his team lost their Saturday (December 7) EPL match to New castle.

According to Nairobi County Police Chief Benson Kibue, the 23-year-old lad told his friends that he could
not stand to watch his team beaten twice in a row before he committed suicide ‘All witness accounts suggest he committed suicide because the team lost, but officers are still talking to those who were with him as part of the investigations into the incident’ Kibue told Kenya’s Standard Online.

Other sources revealed that Macharia jumped to his death from the seventh floor of a building in Nairobi’s Pipeline Estate few minutes after the Red Devils lost 1-0 to Newcastle in English Premier League action.

Thereafter, the police chief advised the youth in the city to understand that football matches are just games and those who play them get paid for it ‘It is not the first time we are losing a young man because of the football in England, which is far away from us. They need to know that it is just a game’ said Kibue.

Macharia is said to have landed on his head dying instantly. His body was deposited in a near-by mortuary by the policemen who arrived on the scene.

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