Senate bans same sex marriage in Nigeria

The Nigerian Senate yesterday unanimously  passed a harmonised Conference Committee report banning same sex marriage in Nigeria, a development that defies stiff western opposition to the ban. David Mark called on President Goodluck Jonathan to quickly sign the Bill into law.

 “We have been under series of attack from different quarters. I think we believe in this Bill. The earlier we sign it into law, the better. We (Nigeria) have have many shortcomings, we don’t one to add this one (same sex marriage) to it”

The new bill states;

  • Marriage or civil union entered into between persons of same sex shall not be solemnized in any place of worship either Church or Mosque or any other place whatsoever called in Nigeria.
  • Only marriage contracted between a man and a woman either under Islamic Law, Customary Law or the Marriage Act is recognized as valid in Nigeria.
  • Persons that entered into a same sex marriage or civil union contract commit an offense and are jointly liable on conviction to a term of 14 years imprisonment each.
  • A marriage contract or civil union entered into between persons of same sex by virtue a certificate issued by a foreign country shall be void in Nigeria.
  • Any persons or group of persons that administers, witnesses, screens, abet and aids the solemnization of a same sex marriage contract or civil union or supports the registration, operation of gay clubs, societies and organizations, processions or meetings in Nigeria commits an offense and liable on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment.

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