Housewife dies after having marathon sex with lover on her matrimonial bed

A 30-year-old Mrs Ifebunwa invited her new boyfriend, Okechukwu Ani to her one-room apartment at Akubor Nnewichi, Nnewi, Anambra state to come spend the night with her.

It was gathered that the lover arrived the house by 9pm but left and returned by 11pm when the woman's children had gone to bed.

The agreement was that that he would pay N1,500, being part- payment of the agreed sum of N2,000 for the romance, and pay the balance of N500.00 the following day.

After the marathon sex which lasted which lasted till 4.30 a.m., the woman became exhausted with pains and started yelling for help and slumped in the process. Her screaming attracted her daughter Miss Oluebube, and the landlord of the house, who rushed to the room immediately and forced the door open.

The woman was found on the floor completely exhausted, while her lover, Okechukwu, attempted escaping through the window but he was caught by the landlord of the house who grabbed his legs and pulled him back to the room, and was thereafter handed over to the vigilante group of Abubor Nnewichi, who later handed him to the police.

Mrs Ifebunwa later regained consciousness when the police arrived at the scene. She informed them that her husband worked somewhere outside Abubor Nnewichi, afetr she which she collapsed again and gave up the ghost.

Speaking on the incident, the landlord, Mr Micheal Okeke, said that the deceased screaming woke him up from sleep, and that he had to break the door, and found the woman on the ground naked with her lover in pains and groaning while lover boy held her

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