Gruesome Video: Woman brutally beaten & broken bottle inserted into her genital for stealing pepper

Gruesome video has surfaced of a mob inserting broken bottles and other objects into a female's genitalia over alleged stealing of pepper.
The first public showcase of the horrible incident was made today at a book launch in Lagos.

Jungle Justice is a process of extra Judicial killing, wherein a suspect upon apprehension (or being caught) is condemned to death either by beating or burning. Also, some of the victims of this ungodly acts are not caught in the act but merely suspected to have partaken or probably nursing the ambition of committing the act.

Over time, it has being seen that before this animalistic act is committed, victims are given no fair hearing (which they are entitled to no matter what), instant judgement is passed on them and only harsh punishment is meted out as well (which may not correspond to the offense committed). Using Nigeria as a case study, the aluu community killing of four students (Aluu4) of October 24th 2012 is still on our minds with the pain still fresh in our memories, where four undergraduates from the University Of Port Harcourt were burnt alive on the accusations of armed robbery and being cult members. On the 23rd of July 2013, two men suspected to be armed robbers were lynched in Badagry area of Lagos. Also suspected robbers were butchered by vigilante group in Onitsha on the 26th of Sept 2013. Away from Nigeria, the very recent precisely the 8th of October 2013, a lynch mob killed three Nigerians in Guinea Bissau, who were accused of child kidnap in Bissau. Permit me to wrap up my sad instances of cases of jungle justice with the most hurting of them all, which took place on the 9th of August  2013,where a 12 years old boy was burnt alive in Lagos .The young boy by the name“SAMUEL’ being lynched upon accusations that he tried kidnapping a baby. Despite heart rending plea for mercy by this young lad, someone in the crowd went out of his way and poured petrol on him and set him ablaze. HOW INHUMANE! The irony of these happenings is the fact the master-minders of this barbaric act are far more dangerous than those being punished. But then, i guess they should be commended for their exceptional and professional knowledge of the game of crime as well as their abilities to play by the rule which is; ‘NEVER GET CAUGHT’. I wish to state categorically that i am in no way in support of the alleged act of these people but i believe that anything worth doing at all, is what doing well.

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