Burna Boy has never been deported nor ban from the United Kingdom

‘The negative stories that are being circulated about @burnaboy are malicious and orchestrated to tarnish his brand. Our position as Burna Boy’s management and label has always been to ignore negative press and let everyone have their say In this instance; we have decided to address these accusations once and for all. We will no longer comment on any such issues after this‘, part of the statement read.

The label also categorically expressed that;

1. @burnaboy has never been deported from the United Kingdom

2. There is no 15 year ban placed on @burnaboy

3. @burnaboy was never involved in, arrested or convicted for stabbing anyone to death anywhere in the world

4. @burnaboy was never involved in, arrested or convicted of credit card fraud or money laundering

@burnaboy looks forward to being allowed to focus on the business of making the music you have come to love him for, in peace. We thank you all for your continuous love and support.

Interestingly, Aristokrat did NOT discuss about Burna Boy’s plans to leave the label and setting up his own company. In fact, there was no mention of it in the statement released through the micro-blogging site.

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