Woman Ghost Chases Killers

Four assailants  and two other persons have been arrested after they were haunted by the ghost of a woman they murdered a month ago.

The two, Ahorlu Eklo, 22 and Mawuli Agbashi, 19, both fishermen together with Zikpi Agbahode, 30, a kente weaver, assisted a fetish priest, Hunor Tsani Baniba, 42, to allegedly kill Agbodugbe Aloryi, a trader.
The four, led by Hunor Baniba killed Aloryi at Laklevikofe, near Denu in the Ketu South District. Hunor is alleged to have severed the head of his wife (the murdered woman) with the assistance of Agbahode and buried her in their room.

In an attempt to seal the crime, Hunor dispatched Ahorlu and Mawuli, thought to be faint-hearted to Yeji in the Brong Ahafo Region to fish. However, they claimed the ghost of their victim kept tormenting them, hence they confessed to their landlord who reported the case to the Yeji police.

The case was subsequently transferred to Aflao where the suspects identified Hunor Tsani as the brain behind the act and Zikpi as another key actor.

Ever since the news broke in Laklevikofe and other parts of Ketu South, residents who were enraged had been calling for the release of the suspects so they could hand them with instant justice.

The arrival of the Homicide Squad from the Police Headquarters in Accra to the crime scene to exhume the remains of Aloryi charged the crowd who were chanting that the suspects be lynched.

As a result, the Aflao Police transferred the suspects to Ho, the Volta Regional Capital to prevent rising tension.

A police source told source that Hunor, who has chains of idols, lived in a three room house behind St James Business College at Laklevikope with his wives and aides.

He explained that about two months ago, the suspects were confronted by a man for stealing his ram, an allegation they vehemently denied.

Aloryi, knowing her husband and aides had indeed stolen the ram, pestered them to own up and have the case settled amicably. Instead, Hunor Baniba and his aides allegedly killed Aloryi to obliterate any source of evidence on the stolen ram.

The source said Hunor Baniba assisted by Agbahode, severed the head of Aloryi and collected the blood into a gallon as Eklo and Agbashi looked on.

The police source noted that the suspects then buried the head in one of the three rooms in the house and quickly erected an idol at the spot to evade any suspicion and interred the main body elsewhere.

They have since being remanded while investigations continue.

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