Marketers ban Mercy Johnson for being too expensive + Mercy Johnson's Response

Mercy Johnson Okojie  has been blacklisted by the Nollywood Movie Marketers Association. 

Mercy Johnson Okojie was banned for been too expensive.

Mercy Johnson is currently the highest paid actress in Nollywood. She charges between N1.8million to N2m to feature in a movie. The others, like Ini and Funke charge between N700k to N1.2million.

The ban will not take effect immediately as Mercy has already signed up to do quite a number of movies. She returned on Thursday from a movie location, and will be on the set of another movie from tomorrow, Sunday. She will be traveling out of Nigeria sometime this month and when she returns, will be on another movie she's basically booked till the end of the year.

The idea now is not to ban her after all her current contracts end. So the ban won't take effect until at least January 2014.

Mercy Johnson Okojie's Response to ban
Mercy Johnson Okojie took to Twitter this morning to hit back at Nollywood Movie Marketers who are planning to ban her for being too expensive. funny,,"Those who can't afford Heineken should stick to Ka kai"

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