Man Strips Naked To Evade Arrest by LASTMA in Lagos

This happened at Palmgrove Bus Stop, along Ikorodu road, yesterday, commercial drivers picking up passengers by the road side got arrested by officials of LASTMA and some police men on duty. After asking the passengers to alight from the buses, some LASTMA officials took over the wheels and as they were about driving off to the station, one of the bus drivers, an elderly man, went into his bus and brought out a concoction with a fetid odour, faced the officials and police men and the on-looking crowd. The officials and police men who didn’t know what his mission was all ran for cover. But one of the LASTMA officials came back and insisted he must be arrested.
When the old man sensed that might not work for too long, he decided to strip himself naked. Just as he was doing that, the police and other LASTMA officials called on their colleague to leave him, because no one knew what his next action was.The man however evaded arrest, and other buses were taken to the station. He later got into his bus and drove off. lol...see juju at work

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