Latest NGO Job Vacancies in Abuja at AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN)

In APIN, we aspire to be a leading public health NGO in Nigeria and Africa committed to reduced disease burden and impact mitigation. You too can play a role in the realization of this vision if you have what it takes to come on board! In our recruitment and selection exercises, we look out for qualified, talented, intelligent, innovative and self-driven individuals to come and contribute to our service to humanity.

APIN is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage qualified persons from all backgrounds (race, sex, age, ethnic group, nationality or religion) to seek employment in our organization.

1. Job Title: Finance Associatze

Job Location:(Lagos) (Abuja) (Jos - Plateau) (Ibadan - Oyo)
Experience: 1 year(s)
Course of Study: Accounting

The job holder will render assistance in a wide range of day to day finance and accounting activities, such as banking and staff advance transactions as well as record keeping.

Job Condition:

Job Tasks
• Complete payment vouchers and other supporting documents
• Check advance retirements and issue receipts as appropriate
• Assist in the issuance of signed cheques to vendors and employees
• Maintain cheque and retirement registers and take necessary steps to ensure accuracy and currency of records
• Stamp paid invoices and file them accordingly • Assist in other office finance and accounting errands such as going to pay allowances to training participants
• Perform a wide range of banking and bank-related functions, including depositing cash, delivering of bank correspondences, paying cheques into vendors’ accounts, etc.
• Perform any other task as may assigned

Required Skills:

Required Competencies
• Integrity
• Numeracy
• Confidentiality
• Oral and written communication skills
• Computer literacy/skills in usage of personal productivity tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet browsing, emailing, etc.) • Ability to use QuickBooks Accounting software Technical and Behavioural Competencies
• Have a nose for details and numerical skill
• Ability to use QuickBooks accounting software
• Ability to multitask, with knowledge of accounting review processes
• Maintain record of financial transactions and operational expenses
• Good written and oral communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skill


A first degree or HND in Accounting or any related disciple, with a minimum of one year’s experience in the Finance/Account function, preferably in a donor-funded organization.

2. Job Title: Facility Support Associate (Abuja)

 Location: Abuja
Experience: 1 year(s)
Course of Study: Civil Engineering

The successful candidate will have responsibility for providing routine and day-to-day logistics and support to the maintenance of office facilities and equipment, with a view to ensuring a safe and conducive work environment.

Job Condition:

Job Tasks
• Take staff complaints on malfunctioning of office equipment and facilities and ensure prompt resolution
• Take necessary steps to promote health and safety in the work environment
• Monitor the routine servicing and repairs of generator, air conditioner and other office equipment
• Advise staff on how to manage the use of utilities, with a view to keeping incurred bills at the barest minimum possible
• Support the Senior Admin Officer in the maintenance of the office complex
 • Work with the Office Assistants to support logistics for day-to-day program and other relevant activities
• Monitor the usage and performance of office equipment and propose maintenance on routine basis
• Track the consumption of electricity and other utilities and process relevant received bills for payment, keeping accurate and detailed account of same
• Support the Senior Admin Officer in the provision and allocation of office furniture and other relevant work tools
• Perform any other task as may assigned

Required Skills:

• Ability to organize work and prioritize tasks appropriately.
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• Ability to multitask, with knowledge of various relevant procedures
• Ability to work with discretion and initiative
• Good written and oral communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills


A degree or HND in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering or any other related field, with a at least a year experience in facilities management in a standard organisation, preferably a non-governmental organisation.

Application Method

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Deadline:19th November, 2013

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