Rivers State Gov. Rotimi Amaechi Covers the October/November Issue of Mode Men Magazine.

Rotimi Amaechi, the Governor of Rivers State covers the October/November issue of Mode Men Magazine.

On political disagreements :  Someone told me that “they will use Federal might against you” but I don’t know what “Federal might” is. When you are fighting a political war, it is a political war and it means you disagree; but they act as if they are fighting a war against another nation.

You don’t command forces against citizens. It should be against other nations. Institutions in Nigeria are personalized. It’s the same thing with the PDP.

The pro-Jonathan people today will sing another song once a new man comes along. The problem is that we have no institutions in Nigeria. It is “chop, I chop” institutions that we have.

On quitting politics for his children : I would like to quit politics to spend time with my children, but they tell me “Daddy, it’s too late. We are all grown up now. Don’t quit because of us. If you want to quit, you can; but we shouldn’t be the reason”.

On plans after retirement: When I retire, I will become a farmer or teacher, but first I will go to school to get qualifications to teach.

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