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We are a Global Multinational Organization that is primarily into Nutrition Business of Poultry, Canned and Seafood. Upon completion of our World Class Hatchery, Feed Mill and Breeder/Broiler Farm & Plant, we have very urgent need for the following

Job Location: IWO near Ibadan, Oyo State

1.  Technical Attendants:


    3 years + Experience having responsibility for all Electrical, Plumbing and Fittings duties in a similar organisation.
    Technical/OND Certificate in Electrical/Plumbing related course.

2.  Farm Workers


    Responsible for Day-to-Day Farm work(Feeding, Watering, Cleaning etc 1 - 2 years Experience.
    SSCE/GCE/OND Holders.

Feed Mill in-Charge/Supervisor


    5 years ÷ Experience in a Poultry Feed Mill responsible for the Supervision as well as coordination of activities of workers engaged in grinding, screening, and also mixing stock plus poultry feed Directs grinding of feed materials, like grain, alfalfa plus corn cobs in hammer mills, or attrition mills, or roll grinders mixing of ground feed with malt, mash, molasses, salt, soda, vitamins plus other ingredients, according to formula. B.Sc/HND in Agriculture, Livestock.
    Animal Husbandry or other related degree.

4. .  Feedmill Workers


    Responsible for loading/off loading, batching, packing and cleaning.
    1 - 2 years experience in similar work environment.

5.  Stores/Accounts Officer:


    Responsible for Maintenance of all Stocks, Inventory and Cash.
    3 - 5 years Experience in similar organization.
    B.Sc/HND Accountancy.

6.  Human Resources / Admin Officer


    3 - 5 years experience in a similar position.
    B.Sc/HND Business Administration, Economics or related discipline.
1.) Hatchery Production Supervisors (Day & Night Shift Duties):


    4 years + Experience in supervising hatchery unit operations, cleaning out sheds, co-ordinating and analysing unit performance, operating specialised poultry plant, machinery and equipment, fumigating poultry sheds, setting up shedding for day old chickens, B.Sc/HND in Livestock Mgt, Poultry Mgt, Agric Engineering/Extension, Animal Husbandry.

7.  Hatchery Maintenance Supervisor - Mechanical.


    4 years + Knowledge and experience with Mechanical equipment and/or power plant mechanical equipment/systems including Unit auxiliary systems (cooling water, high pressure oil, compressed air), Standby diesel generators.
    Poultry hatchery mechanical equipment B.Sc/HND in Mechanical Engineering

8.  Hatchery Maintenance Supervisor - Electrical


    4years + Experience in supervising proper functioning of various Electrical Installations such as Diesel Gen-Set, Air Conditioners, Hatchery Machines, Electric Motors & Cables, Ensuring Power Supply to Hatchery, Poultry Sheds, Feed Mill, Broiler Farm.
    General Supervision/Maintenance of all Electrical related Installations.
    B.Sc/HND Electrical Engineering.

9.  Accountant, Accounts Executive (Senior) & Cashier


    Minimum of 3 years + Experience in Management of Hatchery Accounts, B.Sc/HND Accountancy.
    For Cashier, 2 years + Experience in Cash Handling

10.  Hatchery Workers & Chick Delivery Boys


    Responsible for Hatchery receiving, Grading, Setting, candling, cleaning, transfer to Hatchets, Grading Chicks, Vaccination, Packing, Loading, Delivery of Chicks to Farms etc.

11.  Storekeeper


    Responsible for Purchase, Stock Maintenance and Control Inventory.
    4years + Experience in Poultry environment.

12.  Farm Supervisor


    Responsible for Livestock Maintenance with respect to Vaccination, Bio-Security, Supervision of Feeding, Watering of Birds in Poultry Houses.
    General Farm Supervision. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, B.Sc Agric-Animal Husbandry, Livestock Management, etc

13.  Pen Attendants


    Responsible for Brooder, Grower and Layer Sheds Management
    3years + Experience in Breeder Farm Operations, Degree in Poultry/Livestock/Animal Husbandry or other qualifications in relevant.

Method of Application
Send CV to:

Deadline: 22nd October, 2013

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