“I Allowed My Best Friend Have Sex With My Wife, Have I Made A Mistake?”

I will try and make this as short as possible.

Few months ago, out drinking with one of my best friend he begins telling me how sexy he finds my wife, and tells me he would love to have s*x with her. He probably expected to get punched in the shoulder, but I told him this has always been a fantasy of mine, allowing my wife to sleep with another man.

Although I have never told my wife, or anyone for that matter. My friend and I did not speak about it until a week ago, and I invited him over for dinner last night. I never thought anything would happen other than than some minor flirting, due to her personality.

She is the typical business women, very serious, no nonsense and professional. My wife was dressed very nicely, wearing a short black dress and black stiletto heels. I kept the drinks flowing, and the 2 of them started flirting heavily. He had his hands all over her and she was very responsive.

I began making comments like you two need to get a room. Finally I said jokingly… you 2 should just get this over with and go in the room and have s*x. I went in the kitchen to get another drink and I hear a door shut. They had gone in the room together, and I just waited in the living room.

A few minutes later I knew my fantasy was coming true, as I heard her beginning to moan. I waited a while and listened to her getting louder and louder and finally peeked in. He had her pinned up against the wall unclad wearing only her stiletto heels, pounding her absolutely senseless! I went back into the living room and listened to her.

I have never heard her moan and scream that loud, and it went on for almost 2 hours. This morning she was concerned about how I felt and I assured her it was a huge turn on for me and that I was fine with it. I asked her for details of the experience and she told me that she had more orgasms than she could count, and that he was so big he could barely fit inside her, but once he was inside it was the most amazing feeling she has ever had.

I can not wait for her to do this again, and she agreed to do this often! Should I just stop this now? I know I probably should, but really don’t want to

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