A 6-years-old only child fear dead as river in ologbo overflows

 A 6 years old boy and the only child of an aged mother has gone missing after the river of Ologbo overflowed its bank. Residents of the community were in confusion as the the river submerged over eleven houses, properties destroyed and sets residents homeless.

In an interview, Esogie Oritsegbefimi, the aged mother of the 6-years-old child allegedly swept away by the river said she has not seen her 6-years-old son who happened to be her only child.

Prince John Atsheleghe, the Atariumogun of Ologbo, appealed to the state and local government plus the oil companies to come to their aid. He said since the community was founded, they have never experienced such disastrous of flood..." He added that the lack of good drainage attributes to the flood

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