Waziri clashes with Obasanjo: "Respect Your Age Or Else I Will Open Up On You"

Olusegun Obasanjo recently said Mrs Waziri, the former EFCC boss was a disaster to Nigeria's effort against corruption. He also questioned her qualification and said she was appointed after former Delta State Governor, Jame Ibori recommended her.Obasanjo added. Proving his point further, he said; “Go and look at the condition or the qualification; go and look at the type of
interaction that anybody holding that job will have with a similar organisation elsewhere; did Waziri have that type. What connection did she have with FBI, what relationship did she have with Metropolitan Police in London. It’s not a picnic,” Obasanjo said.

Mrs Waziri who didn't find that funny, has replied Obasanjo with this; “I will like to warn that those who live in glass house don’t throw stones and as such Obasanjo should not allow me open up on him. Respectable elder statesmen act and speak with decorum.” She also accused him of manipulating the EFCC under Nuhu Ribadu to hunt political opponents in Mr. Obasanjo’s effort to secure a third term in office.

She also expressed surprise that a man who has been twice a Nigerian leader would “descend so low to peddle falsehood,” Waziri warned Obasanjo to respect his age or else she would “open up on him.”

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