Tiger Mauled A British Young Lady's Leg in Thailand

The incident happened while a young British Isabelle Brennan went on holiday at a popular tourist place in Thailand.

Isabelle Brennan she was stroking a live tiger to sleep while her friend took the photo above but just minutes after this photo was taken, another 400 pounds tiger leapt
into the frame, knocking the 19-year-old to the ground with its paw and sinking its teeth into her thigh.
She was saved when keepers at the Tiger Temple sanctuary in West Thailand jumped between her and the animal, while her sister and companion dragged her to safety and then rushed to Hospital where she needed ‘tens of stitches’ to repair the four-inch wound.

‘As it lunged with its teeth I felt an agonising pain on the inside of my left thigh above my knee. What happened next is a blur.  But a keeper jumped in between myself and the tiger. Then, while the keepers pulled the tiger to stop it attacking me further, my older sister Georgie dragged me under my arms to safety.’

The stunned teenager added: ’When I looked down at my leg it was terrifying. All I could see was blood.’

She says: ‘In hindsight I had an incredibly lucky escape. I could have lost my leg or worse. The Tiger Temple staff were very upset. They paid for all my treatment in hospital and visited every day. They explained the tiger was just being playful. However, I want to warn others going to Tiger Temple that the animals might not be as docile as they first appear.’

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