Rukky Sanda Explains Her Nip Slip Incident At Yvonne Nelson's Movie Premiere

In a recent chat with National Encomium Magazine, Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda got to talk about her kind of man, and her nip slip incident during Yvonne Nelson's 'House of Gold' movie premiere in Lagos last July.

The slip had been so bad that at some point, Rukky just had to use her hands to cover her cleavage.

    Who is your ideal man?

That will be someone that has a good heart. And he must be focused and intelligent. He must also be creative so that we will grow together.

    Can you marry a fellow actor?

There is nothing wrong with that. Its the individual that matters, not job description. You have to know who you are getting involved with in a relationship.

    How comfortable is Rukky Randas as a spinster?

I thank God, am in a very good place.

    Do you have a man rocking your life at the moment?

If there is anything like that, you will get to know about it.

Recently you wore a boob popping dress to the movie premier of one of your friends and colleagues, Yvone Nelson, which generated a lot of reactions within and outside the country. What’s your comment on this?

People see only what they want to see, and say what they want to say. Left for me, I am only concentrating on my career.

    Okay, what informed what you wore that day?

What did I wear? I wore a nice dress, and I was comfortable with it. 

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