Empress Njamah: "I Was One Of The Few That Wore Expensive Brazilian Hair"

Empress Njamah, told ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo of Punch about colored hairstyle.

    Empress is known for her hairstyle. How come you don’t make it simple when it comes to your hair?

A lot of people always talk about my hair before my name while trying to introduce Empress. It is not a logo. It is just that everybody has one thing they are used to and they like doing.
Over the years, I was one of the few that started wearing expensive Brazilian hair before it became a craze. I like to wear very full hair. Most times, it takes two people to make my hair. I wear what three or four people can wear. I am a hair person. Sometimes you make your passion your profession. I sell human hair but I started wearing it long before I started selling them. For a lady, your hair should stand out.

    You also wear different colours of hair extensions…

I am adventurous when it comes to hairstyles. I have worn all the hair colours that anybody can think of but I wear them in a subtle manner, as such, you can’t fault the hair.
I do not like people who criticise what they do not have the courage to do. Most people want to be adventurous.
If you listen to what people have to say, I think you will go the wrong way when it comes to fashion. I am very colourful in all ramifications. I like bright things. It takes a lot for me to wear a black outfit for a burial ceremony. I try to put a colour to it. Fashion is a thing of the mind.

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