Benson Okonkwo: ' I think pornography makes our movies more real'

Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo said in a recent chat with Weekend Groove, on why he openly supports the injection of pornography into Nollywood movies:

    My dear, it’s only a movie and make-believe, you know. We watch movies like that in Hollywood. Nigerians are hypocrites. I think pornography makes our movies more real. And for that reason I am in support of it. If you take a good look at Hollywood movies for example, you will notice that it is rampant and it means nothing to them.

    Its like acting normal roles, first and foremost. It’s a movie and you act exactly what is in your script. Or you can say that you are interpreting the script given to you. And there are restrictions, beside kissing and touching here and there. What we do in Nollywood is not porn. Nigerian movies are not made for everyone, besides, the regulatory body gives approval before such films are shown. Also there are age restrictions to viewing such films”

When asked if he could marry a girl who has exposed her nudity in a a sex scene, he retorted:

    Love is blind. It can take you anywhere as long as the chemistry is there. So I can marry any lady as long as the love is there. Yes, I can. And I am ready to spend my life with her” he said.

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