Baby Burnt To Death In Sapele

A nine-month-old baby locked up in a house by her parents has been reportedly burnt to death.
According to Vanguard's report, the girl’s mother had gone to Sapele yam garage market to earn a living by plaiting peoples’ hairs while the father was also at work..

The whole building was brought to ruins as neighbours could not put out the fire while men of Sapele Fire Fighting Service arrived late.

It was reported that the grand-father of the infant who was alerted of the incident was later involved in salvaging other parts of the building without knowing that his grand child had been consumed by the fire.

When Vanguard visited the scene, neighbours and sympathizers were seen wailing over the loss of the baby just as household items littered the place.
At press time, the cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained, but source at the Sapele Fire Fighting department, who preferred  anonymity confirmed that it was due to electrical spark from power fluctuation.

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